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Jubilee 2021

Jubilee 2021

Friends and family are invited to virtually join us in a Jubilee Eucharistic Celebration at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 24, 2021. The Mass will be live-streamed from the Gathering Space where the Sisters will gather.

Guests must register to receive the streaming link: www.sanrafaelop.org/events/jubilee

Jubilee—a wonderful celebration of answering God’s call and entering into vowed religious life and marked at milestone years. The word vocation comes from the Latin word vocare which means to call. Being a Sister is a way of life, pursued in order to live out a baptismal call to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world. Regardless of age, our Sisters are always in ministry in the sense that they always welcome opportunities to live the Gospel in service to others.

Meet Our 2021 Jubilarians

70 Years

Sr. Karen Marie Franks, OP

Ring Motto: Servire in gaudio (To serve in joy)

Reflecting Back: Retired from decades-long and much-celebrated ministry of education, Sr. Karen Marie continues to “serve in joy” living in community at Our Lady of Lourdes Convent.



  • Dominican Upper School, San Rafael 1957-61 (English, Math, Religion)
  • Santa Catalina School, Monterey 1961-63 (English, Math, Religion)
  • St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1965-70 (Principal)
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1970-73 (Principal)
  • San Domenico Upper School, San Anselmo 1973-82 (Principal)
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1982-88 (English, Math)
  • Mercy High School, San Francisco 1988-97 (English, Math, Alumni Director)
  • Holy Angels School, Colma 1997-2011
  • St. Peter’s School, San Francisco 1998-99


Sr. Susannah Malarkey, OP

Ring Motto: Dirige in conspectu tuo vias meas, Domine (Guide my ways in your sight, O Lord)

“Upon joining this Dominican community and putting my life fully into God’s hands through my vows, I wanted to express—through this passage from the Psalms—that ‘God’s ways’—within the ‘Ways’ of Creation, and through the ‘Way’ of Jesus—would be the guide for ‘my ways.’”

Reflecting Back: “My active life of Ministry has happily been full and rewarding over these past seven decades of Dominican religious life—a full life, with many opportunities for a variety of ministries, and no regrets.”



  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1953-60 (Latin, English, French, Religion)
  • Dominican Upper School, San Rafael 1960-65 (Latin, Religion)
  • St. Mary High School, Stockton 1965-69 (Latin, English, Religion)
  • Justin-Siena High School, Napa 1979-82 (Vice Principal)
  • Sacred Heart Community Services, Tijuana 1982-83 (substitute teacher)
  • Dominican College, San Rafael 1993-94

Congregational Leadership

  • Council 1979-82

Santa Sabina Center

  • Director 1983-09


60 Years

Sr. Patricia Bruno, OP

Ring Motto: “Set Love in order Thou who lovest me”

“My motto comes from Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Since I was studying Italian and the Divine Comedy at the same time, the beauty of Dante’s language, poetry, and theology inspired me.  My prayer and desire, then and now, are that God will help me set my ‘loves’ in order so that I will love with the same depths, sincerity, generosity, and inclusivity as Jesus did in his life.”

Reflecting Back: “Prayer, spirituality, and justice are interwoven into my decisions each day and help form the vision of what I hope to do in my future ministries. I am grateful to the sisters in our congregation, to my family, and to those with whom I have ministered. Each has inspired me and has been my dear friend. They have loved me and have opened doors to life and ministry—doors that I would have never known existed except through their vision of how the ‘kin-dom’ of God can become a reality in our lives.”



  • St. Dominic School, Benicia 1964-67 (2nd Grade Teacher)
  • St. Michael School, Livermore 1967-69 (4th, 5th, 6th Grade Teacher)
  • Annunciation School, Stockton 1969-70 (Principal)
  • St. Mary High School, Stockton 1970-74 (English, Religion)
  • Santa Catalina Upper School, Monterey 1974-76 (Religion)
  • St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1976-79 (Religion)

Justice and Preaching
Throughout the Oakland and San Francisco Diocese from the early 80s-current, including Founder and Co-Director of the Community Organizing Project in Pittsburg in 1984-85


Sr. Katherine Hamilton, OP

Ring Motto: Ego sum Via, Veritas, Vita (I am the Way, the Truth, the Life –John 14:6)

“As a Dominican, I wanted the search for truth to be central for my life.  As I continue on this journey, I realize that I am being called to live the truth—to recognize that it is this search that has become my way of life.”

Reflecting Back: “Throughout my years of ministry in education and more recently in health care, I have been intrigued by the life and vision of St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena and their continued vision, in the words of our mission statement: “to bring the Gospel to bear with depth and compassion on the critical issues of our time.”  This vision is sustained for me by common prayer and personal prayer, common life with its constant challenges and opportunities, study and ministry in its ever-widening outreach which continues to awaken me to new invitations of God…surprising encounters, deepening relationships, compassionate presence, pondering mystery.”



  • Our Lady of Mercy School, Daly City 1961-63 (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Dominican Convent Lower School, San Rafael 1963-65 (4th Grade Teacher)
  • San Domenico Lower School, San Anselmo 1965-70 (4th and 7th Grade Teacher)
  • Annunciation School, Stockton 1970-71 (Principal)
  • Santa Catalina School, Monterey 1971-72 (7th Grade Teacher)
  • Holy Rosary School, Antioch 1972-78 (6th Grade Teacher)
  • St. Michael School, Livermore 1978-80 (6th Grade Teacher)
  • St. Leander School, San Leandro 1980-81 (6th Grade Teacher)

Parish, Religious Ed, and Leadership
Livermore, Benicia, San Rafael

St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Stockton 2004-2020


Sr. Raya Hanlon, OP

Ring Motto: Christe, tat tvam asi, Amen

“The central phrase is Sanskrit for ‘that thou art’ preceded by direct address to Christ and final Amen, assent. As a young woman studying Scripture and reading the newly released writings of Teilhard de Chardin, I chose a motto that most nearly captured for me the universality of the Risen Christ to which I was assenting.”

Reflecting Back: “As assistant director of Santa Sabina Center, I share in fostering contemplative ways of being and support of the administration. I love offering spiritual direction, participating in program development, and managing the bookstore for the Center. Prayer, family, friendships, ministry—I am inspired daily by those around me who reflect the Gospel with their lives and those many I may never know but am aware of who give their life’s energy to the Gospel values to which I aspire.”



  • Our Lady of Mercy School, Daly City 1961-63 (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Blessed Sacrament School, San Rafael 1963-65 (7th Grade Teacher)
  • Junipero Memorial High School, Monterey 1965-69
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1969-79 (Teacher, Dean, Vice Principal, Principal)
  • St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1993-95 (Administrative Assistant)

Congregational Leadership

  • Assistant Treasurer and CFO 1979-92
  • Council 2003-09

Archdiocese of San Francisco
Canonical Assessor and Case Manager 1997-03

Santa Sabina Retreat Center
Assistant Director 2009-present


Sr. Francine McCarthy, OP

Ring Motto:  You have made us for yourself O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.

Reflecting Back: Sr. Francine is retired from decades of dedication to her ministry of education.



  • St. John the Baptist School, Napa 1964-67 (5th Grade Teacher)
  • St. Anne School, Lodi 1967-68 (7th Grade Teacher)
  • Blessed Sacrament School, San Rafael 1968-70 (7th Grade Teacher)
  • San Domenic School, San Anselmo 1970-76; 1984-87 (7th Grade Teacher)
  • St. Raphael School, San Rafael 1982-84
  • Marin Catholic High School, Kentfield 1987-88
  • St. Clare School, Santa Clara 1988-99 (Computer Teacher)
  • St. Joseph of Cupertino School 1997-11 (Tech Coordinator/Teacher)


Sr. Diane Smith, OP

Ring Motto: Gloria tibi Domine! (Glory to you, 0 Lord!)

“My motto was chosen to honor the Creator of this beautiful universe. This motto was chosen in thanks for all good things that God has given me, especially my beloved parents and the beautiful universe in which we live.”

Reflecting Back: “I am grateful for my college education at Dominican, for my years in formation, for the years of enjoyment teaching in the primary grades, for the various convents in which I lived that introduced me to so many of our Sisters in a personal way. Above all and including everything else, I am grateful to be a Dominican Sister of San Rafael. Although I am retired, I am grateful for the voluntary assignments in the administration building and in my residence.”



  • St. Anne School, Lodi 1963-68 (1st Grade)
  • St. Helena Parochial School, St. Helena 1968-76 (1st-2nd Grades)
  • St. Raphael’s School, San Rafael 1976-81 (Teacher/Principal)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1981-97 (1st and 4th Grades and Vice Principal)
  • St. Albert the Great School, Reno 1997-98 (1st Grade)
  • Our Lady of the Snows School, Reno 1998-2001 (4th, 6th, 7th Grades)
  • San Domenico School, San Anselmo 2001-2007 (Receptionist)


Sr. Aaron Winkelman, OP

Ring Motto: Ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos. (That you love one another as I have loved you. –John 13:34)

Reflecting Back: Sister Aaron served as a preacher of truth, love, and justice throughout her ministry in education as Professor of English and Union representative at Dominican University.



  • St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1961-63, 1977-79
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1963-66
  • Santa Catalina, Monterey 1966-76
  • Dominican College, San Rafael 1986-88 (Asst. Professor of English)
  • Dominican University, San Rafael 1991-present (English Professor)

Congregational Leadership
Council 1988-91

25 Years

Sr. Pat Farrell, OP

Ring Motto: Let us fix our eyes on Jesus

“Rather than going back to a reason for choosing this motto 25 years ago, I would rather say how this animates me now. The quote is from Hebrews 12:1-2. One can’t put the whole verse on a ring! What is important to me is, as it says, that we are surrounded by a “cloud of witnesses”—the saints, living and dead, who support and accompany me on my journey in my ministry and in my life. Also, that all of us look to Jesus who also accompanies us. As we fix our eyes on him, we know we are not on this journey alone.”

Reflecting Back: “We often talk about the four pillars or ideals of Dominican life: Community, Prayer, Study, and Ministry. Though they all don’t rise to the same level of importance or intensity every day, along with the ebb and flow of life, those four have fulfilled and sustained me through the years—in different and surprising ways. Presently, I am enjoying working with our online retreat ministry at Santa Sabina Center, and look forward to the time when I will work with and welcome the many groups that hold their retreats here in person. There is much gratitude!



  • Justin-Siena High School, Napa 1995-96 (Religion Teacher)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1996-03 (Principal)

Vocation and Leadership
Served the congregation and the Dominican Sisters Conference in leadership roles

Hosting Manager at Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael 2020-current

Also being celebrated this year . . .

Our 2020 Jubilarians who celebrated 60 years in 2020

Sr. Judy Lu McDonnell, OP



  • Holy Rosary School, Antioch 1963-65 (7th Grade)
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1965-68 (Chemistry, Religion)
  • St. Vincent Ferrer High School, Vallejo 1968-75 (Science, Math, Religion)
  • San Domenico Upper School, San Anselmo 1975-77 (Chemistry)

Justice Promotion

  • Maryknoll Women’s Literacy and Spirituality Work, Bolivia and Brazil 1977-95
  • Immigration Work, Stockton 1996-2011
  • Congregational Promoter, San Rafael 2009-2021

Read about Sr. Judy Lu here.


Sr. Gervaise Valpey, OP



  • St. John Vianney School, Rancho Cordova 1962-64 (1st Grade)
  • Dominican Convent Lower School, San Rafael/San Anselmo 1964-1976 (4th Grade, Resident Staff, Principal
  • San Domenico Upper School, San Anselmo 1984-90 (Teacher, Principal
  • San Domenico School, San Anselmo 1990-2000 (Head of School)
  • San Domenico School, San Anselmo 2001-2020 (President Emerita)

Health Care
St. Joseph Medical Center, Stockton 1976-78

Congregational Leadership
Development Director 1978-85

Read about Sr. Gervaise here.


2021 Jubilee Mass

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Streaming live from our Gathering Space via Zoom

10 am

Register to receive the streaming link: www.sanrafaelop.org/events/jubilee




Preachers of  Truth • Love • Justice