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Gather@Grand April 23

Aligning with Earth’s Values and Methods

Going beyond reduce, reuse, and recycle, we have the option of changing our relationship with the Earth community.
As we awaken to a destabilized climate, we realize that we have to do something more than we have been to address our crisis.
How would it be to align our actions with the natural flow of Earth’s energies and to build strong, stable structures the way Earth has for eons? How would it feel to work with the energies of the Creator rather than to try to manipulate and subdue in our struggle for control and profit?
This evening with Sister Toni Nash, CSJ, we will explore an emerging consciousness of the place humans could occupy within the Earth community, and how our role might need to change if we are to become vibrant contributing members.

This event has ended.

April 23, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Dominican Sisters Gathering Space
1520 Grand Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901