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Jubilee 2022

Jubilee 2022

Friends and family are invited to virtually join us in a Jubilee Eucharistic Celebration at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 23, 2022. The Mass will be live-streamed from the Gathering Space where the Sisters will gather.

Join the Zoom the streaming: here

Jubilee—a wonderful celebration of answering God’s call and entering into vowed religious life and marked at milestone years. The word vocation comes from the Latin word vocare which means to call. Being a Sister is a way of life, pursued in order to live out a baptismal call to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world. Regardless of age, our Sisters are always in ministry in the sense that they always welcome opportunities to live the Gospel in service to others.

About the artwork: A colorful depiction of the Visitation with Mary and Elizabeth called “Jump for Joy” by Corby Eisbacher used with permission.


Meet Our 2022 Jubilarians


Sr. Lorraine Amodeo, OP

Ring Motto: In te Domine speravi (In You, O God, I place my trust)

Reflecting Back: “Trust is the anchor of my life. My trust in God is what sustains me; what gives me hope. My ministry included twenty-two years of teaching in elementary school and thirteen years as a principal in elementary schools. I served in Pacific Grove, San Rafael, San Francisco, Reno, Los Angeles, Daly City, and Livermore. Then I began a new ministry at St. Vincent parish in Vallejo working with Sr. Claire Herlihy which consisted primarily of opening a Preschool/Daycare Center and reestablishing the St. Vincent de Paul Society. I spent twenty-nine years in Vallejo. The children who I have been privileged to teach and the adults with whom I have worked have enriched my life. When I look back, I see how much they taught me. I feel blessed to be a member of a loving and supportive Dominican community. I have been entrusted with opportunities that I never realized I could take on. The friendships I have made have challenged me and blessed me. My parents and siblings have all gone to God, but they left me with 60+ nieces, nephews, grand and great-nieces, and nephews. They have been a mainstay for me. My life has been very full. Seventy years causes e to think of a quote from John 15:16: ‘You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.’ Why me? I think I know. ‘So, consider what God has done for you and sing praise with all your voice.’” –Tobit (8)

Education Ministry

  • St. Angela School, Monterey 1952-53 (Teacher, Grades 3, 4)
  • St. Raphael School, San Rafael 1953-55 (Teacher, Grade 4)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1955-59 (Teacher, Grade 4)
  • St. Thomas School, Reno 1969-65 (Teachers, Grade 6)
  • St. Dominic School, Los Angeles 1965-69 (Teacher, Grades 6, 7, 8)
  • Our Lady of Mercy School, Daly City 1969-72 (Teacher, Grade 8)
  • St. Dominic School, Los Angeles 1972-78 (Principal)
  • St. Michael’s School, Livermore 1978-79 (Teacher, Grade 5)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1979-86 (Principal)
  • St. Dominic School, Los Angeles 1986-87 (Vice-Principal)
  • St. Vincent Elementary School, Vallejo 1987-88 (Teacher, Grades 5, 6)

Parish Ministry

  • St. Vincent Ferrer, Vallejo 1988-2016  Parish Ministries; St. Vincent Pre-School/daycare (co-founder); St. Vincent de Paul Society


Sr. Alma Doran, OP

Ring Motto: To seek nothing but the love of the Lord always

Reflecting Back: “My ring motto has served as a constant reminder to stay the course and not be distracted from my main goal. I was grateful for this beacon as I navigated through several different ministries during my more active days. From grammar school teacher to alcohol recovery counselor to apartment manager, I met all kinds of people. I have been fulfilled by these ministries, and the support and love I have received from my Sisters have sustained me. My actions have always been inspired by the fact that the Lord was leading me.”




  • St. Michael’s, Livermore 1952-53 (Teacher, Grade 3)
  • St. Dominic’s, San Francisco 1953-57 (Teacher, Grades 2, 3)
  • St. Leander’s, San Leandro 1957-60 (Teacher, Grade 1)
  • Annunciation, Stockton 1960-65 (Teacher, Grade 4)
  • St. John Vianney, Rancho Cordova 1965-67 (Teacher, Grade 4)
  • St. Raphael’s, San Rafael 1967-78 (Teacher, Grades 5, 7, Vice-Principal)
  • St. Leander’s, San Leandro 1978-81 (Reading Specialist)


  • St. Leander’s Horizon House, San Leandro 1980-92 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor
  • St. Mary’s Center, San Leandro 1997-2015 Resident Manager and Counselor


  • Apartment Manager, San Leandro 1993-2013


Sr. Veronica Landi, OP

Ring Motto: To direct everything to Christ

Reflecting Back: “I chose my ring motto to remind me how to live religious life. Having enjoyed a rich and rewarding career as an elementary school teacher and principal in several locations over forty years and then serving as an ESL instructor at St. Patrick’s Seminary for another thirteen years, I am grateful. My prayer life and my ministries have fulfilled me. The sisters I have lived with and with whom I have worked have inspired me. I have also lived by another motto, one instilled in me by my parents from a young age—be happy! I believe we are each responsible for our own happiness and that is important in preparing for eternal happiness.”


Education Ministry

  • St. Raphael Elementary, San Rafael 1952-55 (Teacher, Grade 3)
  • Our Lady of Mercy, Daly City 1955-59 (Teacher, Grade 2)
  • Annunciation, Stockton 1959-64 (Grades 2, 5)
  • St. Anne’s, Lodi 1964-65 (Teacher, Grade 6, 7)
  • Annunciation, Stockton 1966-69 (Teacher, Grade 8; Principal)
  • Our Lady of Mercy, Daly City 1969-77 (Principal)
  • St. Raphael Elementary, San Rafael 1977-80 (Teacher, Grade 5)
  • St. Isabella School, San Rafael 1980-85 (Teacher, Grade 6)
  • Saint Clare Elementary School, San Jose 1985-95 (Teacher)
  • St. Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park 1996-2010  (ESL Teacher)


Sr. Barbara Sullivan, OP

Ring Motto: Amorem symbolum sacrificium (The test of love is sacrifice)

Reflecting Back: Sister Barbara relishes her many years in teaching ministry—harnessing the energy of her students with her guitar and dramatic flair, mastering and sharing a command of the English language, and always offering whole-hearted enthusiasm toward any endeavor. She has always shown her love in many ways.



Education Ministry

  • St. Raphael Elementary, San Rafael 1955-57 (Teacher, Grade 2)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1957-62 (Teacher, Grades 1 and 2)
  • Our Lady of Mercy, Daly City 1962-65 (Teacher, Grade 5)
  • St. Thomas School, Reno 1965-68 (Teacher, Grade 6)
  • Our Lady of Mercy, Daly City 1970-79 (Teacher Asst., Grades 6, 7, 8)
  • St. Dominic School, San Francisco 1979-2002 (English, Religion, Social Studies, Librarian, Liturgist, Music and Movement)
  • St. Rose Academy, San Francisco 1987-88 (English)
  • Megan Furth Academy, San Francisco 2004 2005 (Office Coordinator)



Sr. Emmanuel Cardinale, OP

Ring Motto: Credo (I believe)

Reflecting Back: I am committed to the message of the Gospel. As I anticipated a ministry in education, I wanted to share the values with which we build our lives with young people. I attended Catholic schools and looked forward to teaching in the parish environment where families had a parish and school where these values could be strengthened. I had the opportunity to minister in parish Catholic schools and served as principal and teacher in Napa, San Rafael, Livermore, and Los Angeles. As a Dominican Sister of San Rafael, I have been fulfilled through a lifestyle of community and private prayer as well as communal living. Every place I ministered I was fortunate to live with a community of Sn Rafael Dominicans who shared my values and supported one another in living out our charism.

Education Ministry

  • Assumption School, San Leandro 1964-65 (Teacher, Grade 1)
  • Annunciation School, Stockton 1965-68 (Teacher, Grade 7)
  • Blessed Sacrament School, Hollywood 1968-70 (Teacher, Grade 8)
  • St. John the Baptist School, Napa 1970-71 (Principal)
  • Annunciation School, Stockton 1971-72 (Principal)
  • St. Michael’s School, Livermore 1972-79 (Teacher, Grade 8; Principal)
  • St. Isabella School, San Rafael 1979-88 (Principal)
  • St. Michael’s School, Livermore 1988-2011 (Teacher, Grade 8; Principal)


  • Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, Office of Advancement Volunteer Ministry 2011-



Sr. Sue Pixley, OP

Ring Motto: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Come, Holy Spirit)

Reflecting Back: I chose my ring motto because the Holy Spirit has always been important to me. I was fortunate to have served many years in high school ministry as both a teacher and an administrator in Vallejo at St. Vincent Ferrer High School and St. Patrick St. Vincent High School. I also enjoyed serving as a Director of Formation for fifteen years. Currently, I serve as an adjunct at the Dominican University of California.

Being an educator has been my life, and I find it very fulfilling. I prefer to respond to situations as they present themselves, allowing the direction of my life and ministry to unfold, and I have always felt that this is where I belong.

Education Ministry

  • St. Leander’s Elementary, San Leandro 1962 (Teacher, Grade 1)
  • Junipero High School, Monterey 1962-66 (Science, Math)
  • San Domenico School, San Anselmo 1966-74 (Science)
  • St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1975-79 (Science, Registrar)
  • St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1979-85 (Principal)
  • Marin Catholic High School, Kentfield 1987-92 (Asst. Principal of Academics/Math)
  • St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, Vallejo 1992-04  (Principal)
  • Dominican University of California, San Rafael 2006-current (Adjunct Professor Science, Math)



Sr. Maureen McInerney, OP

Ring Motto: For those who love God all things work together for good

Reflecting Back: I saw what became my ring motto on Sr. Emmanuel’s bulletin board in her 8th grade classroom. I liked it. It spoke to me and made me think. I have ministered in the areas of education, vocation /formation ministry with men and women, healthcare (admitting), chaplaincy, mission leadership, Board service, Prioress, and now volunteer ministry.

I can’t believe it has been 50 years since I made my First Profession of Vows! So many present that day—sisters, family members, and friends—are now in Heaven interceding for me and all of us!

Dominican life has been the best way for me to live out my baptismal call to holiness and friendship with God and God’s people. My faith and my relationships have sustained me. All life is about Relationships. My heart is filled with gratitude for my relationships with God, with my family, with my Dominican Sisters, with my Friends, and with so many who have been a part of my journey along the way.  I am particularly grateful to those I have ministered with, those I have ministered to, and those who have ministered to me. I have been deeply blessed.  Thank you to all! This Jubilee year fills me with joy and gratitude!



  • Vocation Director for Dominican Sisters of San Rafael 1989-1998
  • Assistant Director of Vocations and then Director of Vocations for Diocese of Sacramento 1995-2002
  • Vocal for Religious Diocese of Sacramento 1997-98


  • St. Joseph’s Medical Center Stockton 1975-1982; Admitting Clerk/Pastoral Associate
  • St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center 1982-85; Director Pastoral Care
  • Churchill Regional Medical Center, Fallon and Yerington Hospital 1985-89; Chaplain 
  • St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center 2002-2009; Vice President Mission Integration 

Congregational Leadership

  • Councilor 2003-2009
  • Prioress General 2009-2019
  • Moderator, Our Lady of Lourdes Convent 2022-

Volunteer Ministry

  • Catholic Charities and Restorative Justice, SF 2019-2022
Preachers of  Truth • Love • Justice