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#justice OPportunity Thursday—March 11, 2021

Sr. Judy Lu McDonnell, OP
Ms. Lyn Kirkconnell

#justice OPportunity Thursday—March 11, 2021

It’s #justiceOPportunity Thursday and we are focused on the Central American Women and Children Protection Act and ask you to take action this week to urge our senators to cosponsor and pass legislation that focuses on addressing the root causes of migration from Central America and its intersection with racism and human trafficking.

We’ve learned that human trafficking is not just a problem in other countries but also in our own communities.  We also have been reminded that human trafficking does not exist simply as an isolated phenomenon.  This form of modern slavery is rooted in an unjust distribution of resources, in racism, in gender inequality, in policies that blame the victims, and in unjust immigration laws.

No one’s value should be reduced to economic profit or someone else’s sexual pleasure.

Take Action Today!

Please write to your Members of Congress (https://www.congressweb.com/gsnac#/273)  urging their support and co-sponsorship of this federal legislation that addresses the root causes of migration so that women and children, in particular, are not forced to migrate and become extremely vulnerable to human traffickers. This legislation specifically prohibits any funds going to the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Instead, the funds must be channeled through civil society.

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