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#justiceOPportunity Thursday—December 10, 2020

Sr. Judy Lu McDonnell, OP
Ms. Lyn Kirkconnell

#justiceOPportunity Thursday—December 10, 2020

It’s #justiceOPportunity Thursday—and we are asking you to join with faith advocates across the country and ask that Congress act on COVID-19 relief. In this season of giving, may our elected officials accept their sacred duty to love one another and bring the gift of life, peace, and security to millions of those losing hope. As our scriptures affirm, God hears the cry of the poor. Now, we ask, does Congress?

The Advent season is a time of waiting and hope as communities around the country prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas and await the New Year. However, because of COVID-19, many families of all backgrounds are struggling to provide food, pay their bills, and maintain their housing. This virus is affecting millions of households and it is time for Congress to act now.

TAKE ACTION: Call 888-496-3502 today to make your voice heard in support of COVID-19 legislation. Call twice to reach both your Senators! As people of faith, we must push our leaders to hear the cries of our people and respond immediately. The health and protection of our communities cannot wait.  In this sacred time, we are reminded that everyone suffering is more than just a number on a list. Every person who is evicted, who cannot feed their family, who needs to choose between a pharmacy bill and an electric bill: each person bears the inviolable dignity of God.


Call Your Senators NOW: 888-496-3502
Tell them to pass a COVID-19 package before the end of the year!
Call twice to reach both of your Senators.When you call, here’s what you might say:”Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [TOWN]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to pass a COVID-19 response package before the end of the year to help families who are struggling. We need legislation to provide cash to families, extend the pandemic Unemployment Insurance and paid leave benefits, extend the eviction moratorium, and increase funding for health care during this pandemic.

As a person of faith, I believe every person in our country should have what they need to get by during this pandemic, especially during the holiday season. Right now families are facing hunger, eviction, and health emergencies. Please support people and families during this crisis.”


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