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#justiceOPportunity May 7, 2020

Sr. Judy Lu McDonnell, OP
Ms. Lyn Kirkconnell

#justiceOPportunity May 7, 2020

It’s #justiceOPportunity Thursday and we hope you will join us in an important effort to protect the environment by signing this petition [LINK below].

The COVID-19 pandemic is making more evident our need to rely on science and experts to help protect our communities. But right now, this administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ignoring these warnings and pushing forward a reckless agenda. The agency has suspended enforcement of environmental regulations for fossil fuel plants and other facilities for an indefinite time, effectively giving polluters a free pass and letting big polluters put the health and safety of our planet and communities in greater jeopardy. Sign the petition to help protect our communities and our environment from the present unprecedented threat.

#justiceOPportunity Thursday—July 22, 2021

It’s #justiceOPportunity Thursday and we hope you’ll consider joining us in signing the Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition.

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