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Who is God …

Who is God …

Who is God? And who is not?

As human beings we develop egos and discover we have a will by the time we are four years old. We naturally begin to seek to control our own fates so to speak. And it is easy for us to see the world as if we were God.  For example who of us has not wondered about people who are down and out as having done something to bring it on themselves?  Followed by, “How can I avoid their catastrophe?”

Jesus corrects this notion.  He asks, “Do you think those 18 people who were killed when the tower of Siloam fell on them were more guilty than everyone else who lived in Jerusalem?  By no means!”  This is a very strong retort. The God who reveals God’s self to Moses as I AM is Mystery indeed. God does not keep score like we might if we were God.  Rather, God invites and even implores us (as Jesus does) to repent of thinking we are in control. The picture is much bigger.

What we must beware of is not appreciating the mystery of how our very human being participates and shares in God’s I AM of pure love and mercy. We are invited and told to align our lives with God’s incredible love and let God be God, remembering we are not.  We are all precious participants in being, not controllers of fate, even the fate of our planet. Our mission is to love one another as God does.


Sister Patty Riley, OP

Preachers of  Truth • Love • Justice