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Vocations: How Do We Invite Women to Learn about Life as a Sister?

How many times have you thought about contacting a good friend and months pass before you actually make a connection? Often times, if a good friend doesn’t hear from us in a while, will call and invite us to do some activity or come by to share a meal. Vocations work a little like that too. As Dominicans, we believe a call to religious life is a mystery.


Sharing prayer and reflection

Each of our Sisters supports the mystery in the many ways she invites others to explore life as a sister. Our community invites women to share a meal with us, join us for prayer and reflection or participate in a day retreat.

students on retreat

Students on retreat held by Campus Ministry

We never miss a chance to  participate in student activities and to share the joys of our ministry. Through prayer and reflection, laughter and conversation and listening with our hearts, we support young women in their listening to how God is calling them.

For information on upcoming vocation events, please call us at 415-453-8303 or email us at vocations@sanrafaelop.org

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