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We Are The Order Of Preachers

Sister Abby Newton speaking at podium

Sister Abby Newton

In a time when religious life was lived primarily behind monastery walls, Saint Dominic was drawn to a ministry and style of life which mirrored that of Jesus and the apostles. For Dominic the ministry of preaching the good news of the gospel went hand in hand with a simple apostolic life. Readiness to move in response to the needs of people hungry for God’s Word was, for Dominic, essential, as was the commitment to contemplation of the Word in prayer and reflective study.

The particular gift (sometimes called a charism) of preaching, given to Dominic and his followers throughout the centuries, continues to be the core of our Dominican life and ministry. To be a Dominican is to be called to preach. A preacher is someone entrusted with God’s Word for others, someone who is compelled to speak the words of truth, love, mercy and justice which she has received in Jesus Christ. So, while our ministries may not always involve “pulpit preaching,” we see our ministries and lives through the lens of preaching.

Sponsored Institutions

The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael have a long history in education, health care, and caring ministries to those in need.

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