"Stay awake that you may be ready."

How are you getting ready this Advent? Readiness might involve training, just as these Dominican Sisters are prepared to assist the local community in case of major emergency.

Advent Week One
Retreat Ministry
Laudato Si'

Advent Encounters with the WORD

If we walk in hope
We have joy in our hearts.
Let us be lights of hope!

Pope Francis


As the journey of Advent prepares our lives for the light of Christmas, the words of Pope Francis challenge us both to fan the sparks of our faith and love and to recognize the challenges to human dignity and the common good in our fragile world.

How are we called to be lights of hope during these Advent days?

  • Return each week to connect your prayers to ours.
  • Send in your prayers and reflections on being a “light of hope.”
  • Throughout Advent, let encounters with the Sunday readings inspire you to become hope for those in your life.


Week One – Stay awake that you may be ready.

What have you experienced recently that woke you up to a new understanding?
What training do you want to engage in to expand your capacity to see current realities with the eyes of God?
How are you called to offer a ‘light of hope’ to another this week?

We welcome your concrete insights that can be sent to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form under Who We Are.
Your shared ‘light of hope’ will be added to the ‘bowl of blessing’ in our front administration office during Advent.


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