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 Easter: The Preaching Moment

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate God’s greatest work:
Christ’s Resurrection.  The mystery of the resurrection of Christ is not just something
that we remember with a great sense of wonder.  The mystery of the resurrection calls us to act.

Each day and especially today we experience the grace of the resurrection.  It is the grace to make a new start with fresh enthusiasm.  We think of, pray for and strive to be in solidarity with those struggling to make a new start, women and children in transition, immigrants, migrants, refugees and so many others.

Easter is a time for opening our eyes to see Jesus present and alive in each of us.  The Easter liturgy helps us to focus our attention on Christ’s wholehearted love for each of us rather than being overly concerned about ourselves.  We believe the Spirit of Jesus continues to live and act in the Church-and we are the Church! Easter calls us to be fully alive, profoundly joyful with a great interior enthusiasm. “The human person is the glory of God fully alive.”  St. Irenaeus

As surely as Mary Magdalene and the other disciples, we are witnesses of the resurrection, and are called, just as they were, to actively share this good news with all those God wants to touch through us.  We do this most concretely through our relationships.

Let us continue to give witness, as did our Sisters before us, that Jesus is risen and lives among us!


 Sister Maureen






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