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Gather@Grand Speaker Series /

2021 Gather@Grand

2021 Gather@Grand

“American democracy has never shed an undemocratic assumption present at its founding: that some people are inherently entitled to more power than others.”     —Jamelle Bouie, American Journalist & columnist for the New York Times

Drawing inspiration from the New York Times Project 1619 and intended to unfold over the course of a year or longer, the Gather as if @ Grand project Racism: Roots, Resolves, Results.  Through a variety of mediums and options for self-guided study and more interactive Zoom presentation we will begin to explore why racism is present and how it happened (roots); what might be attempted that would make a difference (resolves); and how such efforts have helped or not and might continue to make our common life richer, or not (results).  Unlike previous Gather@Grand events, the design of this program is looser, less centralized, not dependent on physical presence, amenable to greater design at the participant level, as more choices are offered and individuals or groups may proceed as they design while keeping in loose connection with others gathering as if at a common site. We are maintaining the emphasis on three facets in particular: history, group work, film.

The Dominican Sisters offer an online Resource List, recommending diverse genres of materials to investigate and study: books, articles, films, podcasts, etc.


Summer 2021 Self-Guided Film Study

In the middle of each month – June through August – we will release a film title and related study guide. People are encouraged to form their own watch parties and discussion groups. We hope to resume some sort of guided programming in the fall. If you are not currently on our Gather@Grand email list and wish to receive information about upcoming events, please email communityrelations@sanrafaelop.org.

JUNE 2021

Ruby Bridges

DOWNLOAD: Ruby Bridges Study Guide June 2021

JULY 2021

Hidden Figures

DOWNLOAD: Hidden Figures Study Guide 2




DOWNLOAD: 13th Study Guide 2



September 9 at 7 pm via Zoom: Zoom discussion and review of the themes covered throughout our Film Studies series.

DOWNLOAD: Summer 3 MoviesQuestions


Virtual Events

We are planning some virtual gatherings via Zoom, so be sure to sign up using the form below to stay in the loop and check back on this page for updates.

VISIT our EVENTS PAGE to see the upcoming calendar of events including virtual film discussions. We look forward to being able to add in-person events when it becomes safe to do so.


We Want to Hear from You

Anyone interested who wants to work collaboratively with partners can choose, find, or request to be linked with such partners or helped to form a group of 3-5 people, maybe people who can actually meet with (bubble-partners) or virtual ones. By signing up through the link provided, you will be kept up-to-date as new features of the program come online, as well as the option to resume in-person presentations and group gatherings just as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.


Resource List

A Special Invitation [VIDEO]

Gather@Grand Speaker Series

Program History What began in 2015 as an avenue for exploration on a wide range of topics, the Gather@Grand speaker series has provided vibrant programming and outreach to community members and partners in ministry.

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