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G@G Film Studies—Reconstruction: America After the Civil War

The next film discussion in our ongoing Gather@Grand film series is Monday, November 28, 2022, when we will discuss PBS’s “Reconstruction: America After the Civil War.”


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. presents the definitive history of the transformative years following the American Civil War when the nation struggled to rebuild itself amidst profound loss, massive destruction, and revolutionary social change.

Episode 1 – Experience the aftermath of the Civil War -a bewildering, exhilarating and terrifying time. African Americans who had played a crucial role in the war now grapple with the terms and implications of Reconstruction and their hard-won freedom.

Episode 2 – Discover how post-Civil War America was a new world. Learn how African Americans made political, social, and economic progress in the face of violence.

Episode 3 – Explore the rise of Jim Crow and the undermining of Reconstruction’s legal and political legacy.

The films can be purchased on Apple TV or Amazon. There are 4 films in the series however we will focus on episodes 1-3.


DOWNLOAD THE STUDY GUIDE: Reconstruction America after the Civil War



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November 28, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:15 am