Our constitutions remind us:

There is an additional mark of the Order which has given the Dominican way of life from its outset a distinctive aspect among the religious groups within the Church: love of study. Dominic recognized that the gift of human intelligence is integral to the fullness of the human person and that this gift reflects the Creator’s image in a unique way, as a participation in the mystery of God’s eternal Word mirroring the divine Being. . . And so study of the Word was to become for Dominic not an abstract matter of the mind only; it was to be grounded in prayer’s depth and experience of the mysterious ways of God and always in relation to the active power of God’s love at work in the world. (c52)

We welcome and encourage study, knowing that it informs and enlivens our ministry – our preaching. Dominic’s own words also remind us:

Always study! (quoted by John of Navarre at the process of Dominic’s canonization)