Our constitutions remind us:

Prayer is the vital link for all those who enter into relation with God. In prayer, whether personal or communal, silent or spoken, the “face” of our spirit is turned toward the face of God–and in the mystery of communion we are drawn into union with the life-giving Spirit of God. (C25)

Dominican Sisters are committed to spend time in prayer, both personally and communally. Our time for personal prayer, reflection, and meditation sustains our relationship with our Loving Creator. Our prayer together sustains our relationships as sisters, and provides support for our ministries and lives. Again, our constitutions remind us:

Both liturgical and personal prayer are seen as essential elements in the Dominican way of apostolic religious life. Dominic’s own early life as a canon regular in Osma engendered in him a deep love for the Liturgy of the Hours to which he remained faithful throughout his life. Dominic passed on to his Order this form of prayer, which draws the community together in receptive reverence before God while offering psalms and hymns of praise, thanksgiving, petition, and adoration. For Dominicans, such liturgical prayer, in whatever modified forms it may be found today, grounds our prayer life in the great Scriptural themes that have nourished the faith of individuals and communities for centuries in the Christian tradition. (C28)

woman praying by herself