Our Constitutions remind us:

Proclaiming the Good News was the mission Jesus gave to his disciples: they were to go out and teach all peoples the fullness of God’s Word. So preaching was the mission Dominic passed on to his Order. His apostolic vision took form as he gazed out from the Fanjeaux hilltop of Signadieu across the valleys and villages of Southern France to the Pyrenees and beyond. As his gaze fell upon the communities of his sisters and brothers gathered in the valley below, he conceived of an Order of preachers deeply immersed in the gospel and zealous to speak it out in word and action across the face of the earth. Soon after, Dominic, with the approval of his apostolic way of life confirmed by Pope Honorius III, called followers together and sent them off to the far reaches of Europe with the strong words: “Seed that is hoarded rots.” (C47)

We take this call of Jesus and Dominic serious as we live out our vows. We are compelled to the mission of the “holy preaching” in many forms of ministry: education, hospital ministry, pastoral ministry, social justice, parish ministry, social work, and pulpit preaching in the varied pulpits the Spirit provides.

So we, as Dominican women in the strength of his heritage, continue to respond to the apostolic vision of Dominic–to listen deeply to the Word of God, to lift our eyes to the horizons of our world, and to speak out in the circumstances and conditions of our own times and culture the truth of God’s ways. (C47)