Community Life

Our Constitutions remind us:

The first Christians were drawn to live in community in response to the gospel preached to them by the apostles. As Jesus had lived in common with his disciples, sharing resources, support on the journey, refreshment in friendship and prayer, and the struggles and joys of the day, so his early followers gathered in communities to break the bread of Eucharist in Jesus’ name, to share goods in common, and to find joy and support in the life of faith and mutual love which was Jesus’ gift to them through the Spirit. (C39)

Likewise we find community supportive gift to our lives and ministry. Each one of us needs the other – we need the challenge and the support. Community life calls us to be open to others and to different points of views; it calls us to rejoice in others’ giftedness. Saint Catherine of Siena wrote of this in her Dialogue:

Thus have I given you reason – necessity, in fact – to practice mutual charity. For I could well have supplied each of you with all your needs, both spiritual and material. But I wanted to make you dependent on one another so that each of you would be my minister, dispensing the graces and gifts you have received from me. So whether you will it or not, you cannot escape the exercise of charity! (Dialogue, 7)