Contact The Development Office

The Development Office serves as a communication link between the congregation and our friends. We have helped people re-connect with former teachers, answered questions about our history with the help of our Archivist, and have hosted gatherings to celebrate our roots and relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

We publish a newsletter, send greetings at Christmas and Easter, and receive prayer requests through our Mass Remembrance program.

We receive and acknowledge all financial gifts to the Sisters, and assist those who are making their estate plans and wishing to honor the congregation with bequests.

How may we facilitate you to maintain your connection with us, and to support us in living our mission of bringing the Gosepl to bear with depth and compassion on the critial issues of our times?

Katherine Martin has served as our Development Director since 1998. She is ably assisted by Jean Innes who has served in many departments of the congregation’s administration.

Contact them by phone (415) 456-1544, by email at or complete the Contact Us form. You are also always welcome to drop by to the Development Office at 1520 Grand Avenue in San Rafael.