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“The Sisters were pleased with the kindly treatment and generous response
which they received from the good people from the start.”

– from a California newspaper of the late 1800s

Our Heritage Room

Visitors to our Heritage Room, part of our congregational archives in San Rafael, can read moving accounts of the Sisters from the 1800s, as they walked or rode in horse-drawn buggies — in Monterey, Benicia, Stockton, San Francisco, San Rafael, and other places in California and Nevada — going from door to door. The Sisters talked to people; they shared news of a school or a hospital they had opened or were planning. They asked for donations to meet the basic needs of the sisters, their students or their patients. Every time and in every place, the people responded generously and lovingly.
It was always with the support of God’s people that the Dominican Sisters were able to found nine schools and minister in thirty-two others, to found two hospitals and a retreat center.

Almost two centuries later we travel from place to place by car or plane, but we are still talking to people about our faith in God’s call and the varied ministries in which we are engaged. We maintain a Development Office so that we can stay in touch with our families, friends, colleagues, co-workers, former students and patients, and others who have come to know us. We share how we are fulfilling our mission today and what kinds of support will sustain us.

Our gratitude is unending for all the gifts we have received that allow us to bring the Gospel to bear with depth and compassion on the critical issues of our times.