Against the War in Iraq

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In light of the escalating humanitarian crisis of the Iraqi people, the entrenched violence of the insurgency, and the plan by the President of the United States to increase the level of US troop presence in the country, the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael continue to express their concern for peace.

The time has come for genuine diplomatic and political solutions in Iraq. We urge the US Administration–in collaboration with the United Nations and the International Community–to seek a comprehensive cease fire by all factions in the country and to work with the Iraqi government on issues of national security, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction. We believe that regional conferences which address the conflicts in the Middle East may open new possibilities for peace in Iraq and we urge the US to participate with a genuine will to achieve peace.

  • We oppose the escalation of US troop levels and the presence of permanent US military bases. We urge Congress to oppose the Administration’s present policies and plans. It is time for the US government to yield authority to the Iraqi government, their police and military forces so that a planned withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq can begin. We continue to hold the United States Administration and Congress accountable for the ongoing suffering and death of innocent civilians in Iraq.
  • We urge the Administration and Congress to recognize that the Iraqi refugee situation, precipitated by the US invasion, has added to the destabilization of the entire region. Approximately 2 million Iraqis have fled their country since the inception of war in 2003. It is estimated that inside Iraq there are 1.8 million internally displaced people. We believe that the US government has a moral responsibility to acknowledge the crisis and create responsible immigration policies that offer opportunities for shelter and safety to innocent Iraqi citizens.
  • We support the Administration’s call for economic development in Iraq, which directly benefits the Iraqi people and their communities. We remain concerned about the protection of human rights, especially of women and religious minorities in Iraq.

Our support of our Dominican Family and the people in Iraq is sure and certain in the midst of an uncertain time. More than ever, our prayers are for peace. We pray for all those involved in the conflict, our Dominican brothers and sisters, the people of Iraq, the US occupying forces, Iraqi and international troops, humanitarian workers, and political leaders of the US and Iraq.

– Adopted February 2003; updated from the Statement from the North American Dominican Coordinating Committee on Iraq – adapted and endorsed March 2007