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Endorsement of the Earth Charter

earth-charter-logoGiven our 2006 endorsement of the Earth Charter, last year we enthusiastically received Pope Francis’s second encyclical, Laudato Si’, subtitled On Care For Our Common Home.

Aligned with the Pope’s call to all people of the world to take “swift and unified global action,” we have undertaken a careful chapter-by-chapter study of the encyclical. It is our hope that reflection and sharing will shape our thinking and behavior so as to be part of a radical change in caring for our planet.

You are invited to join with us! To aid our study we have crafted a guiding reflection sheet for each section of the encyclical. Join us during Lent to engage in your own study and reflection on this stirring call of Pope Francis to care for “Our Common Home.”

Here is your guide to the introduction of Laudato Si’. Engage with us by offering your insights to…


Our Common Home Intro Reflection

Our Common Home Intro

Chapter 1:

Laudato Si’ Reflection

Laudato Si’ Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 2:

Laudato Si’ Reflection

Laudato Si’ Chapter 2 Summary

Chapter 3:

Laudato Si’ Reflection

Laudato Si’ Chapter 3 Summary

Chapter 4:

Laudato Si’ Chapter 4 Summary

We Are The Order Of Preachers

In a time when religious life was lived primarily behind monastery walls, Saint Dominic was drawn to a ministry and style of life which mirrored that of Jesus and the apostles.

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