Our Mission

During the Chapter of 1982 we adopted our Mission Statement:


dominican-sisters-san-rafael-logo-colorMission Statement

We, the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, commit ourselves to the mission of Dominic: to proclaim God’s Word in our world.

Called to discipleship through our vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, we follow Jesus according to the Dominican apostolic life: we pray, study, celebrate and live out God’s Word in community.

With our lives thus centered in the Lord, we seek to extend His mission of truth and love in our ministry, bringing the Gospel to bear with depth and compassion on the critical issues of our times.

The Chapter of 1997 further defined a particular focus of our Mission Statement for our personal and corporate response.

Vision Statement

We reverence and affirm the inherent dignity of each person.
We will work for transformation of attitudes and systems that deprive any person of dignity.


We Are the Order of Preachers

To be a Dominican is to be called to preach… while our ministries may not always involve “pulpit preaching,” we see our ministries and lives through the lens of preaching.

Social Justice

Stay attuned to issues of justice and Catholic Social Teaching – Join us on our Corporate Stances and support of the Earth Charter.

Sponsored Institutions

The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael have a long history in education, health care and outreach to those in need. Some of the institutions begun by the sisters in response to local needs continue to flourish through collaboration with lay colleagues; several continue to be sponsored by the congregation…

Santa Sabina Retreat Center

Santa Sabina is a retreat and conference center established in 1970 by the Dominican Sisters in a beautiful location on the San Rafael campus, surrounded by gardens.

Support Our Mission

It was always with the support of God’s people that the Dominican Sisters were able to found nine schools and minister in thirty-two others, to found two hospitals and a retreat center. Our continue to share our mission to bring the Gospel to bear with depth and compassion on the critical issues of our times.